Actions REALized Tour: Premier/Grand Rapids

The REAL Team continues their Actions REALized Tour, pulling up to Clemente DIY in Grand Rapids for the Josh Higginson Memorial Skate Jam. Josh co-founded Premier Skateshop in 2001 and was an integral part of the Grand Rapids skate scene. His influence will live on for a long time to come.

1 premier 750pxJosh helped build something special in Grand Rapids with Premier! Limited boards are now available at the shop and online

2 premier 750pxGotta pay to play

3 premier 750pxThe rain started to come down at the Clemente DIY as soon as the van pulled up—but even Mother Nature couldn't stop Grand Rapids from having a good time!

4 premier 750pxBackside nosegrind to set it off—the locals were killing it!

5 premier 750pxSmiles for miles in memory of Josh

6 premier 750pxPizza pies on deck thanks to Eric from Premier

7 premier 750pxJunk jam wallie for the homies

8 premier 750pxSlappy time for the TMs

9 premier 750pxDipped Smith before the ground got soaked

10 premier 750pxEating pizza and watching the REAL Team skate in the rain—what more could you want?

11 premier 750pxThe ground was super slippery and this kid learned the hard way but kept cruising anyway

12 premier 750pxSo much love for Josh Higginson!

13 premier 750pxStart ‘em young!

14 premier 750pxThis K-Walks fan walked away with a signed cover

15 premier 750pxHermann Stene didn’t stop skating. Rain-soaked board? Not a problem for this Norwegian ripper!

16 premier 750pxPeace out, Grand Rapids! Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the wet weather! Next stop: Detroit!

17 premier 750px
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