Chima Pro 2 Wear Test Photos

On Thursday, Vans hosted the Chima Pro Too 2 wear test session at House of Vans in Brooklyn. Some of their top skateshop accounts were invited to session the park and test out Chima’s new pro model. Mr. Ferguson himself was in attendance along with Dan-Lu and Kyle Walker. Having a break from the cold Northeast in a well-heated skatepark was a nice distraction to the reality of winter outside. The shop owners, riders and a few local skaters shredded the park all day, followed by an open skate session for the kids. Stretch Armstrong was behind the DJ booth and Weyes Blood closed it down at the party. —Jonathan Mehring

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 12 750pxChima celebrating his 2nd shoe release with Kyle Walker and Daniel Lutheran in Brooklyn

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 1 750pxChima gives his seal of approval. Switch heel over the bench

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 2 750pxChima's new shoe is the shit!     Photo: Nieratko

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 3 750pxIf only! Chima thinking about what's possible on that Kansas City ledge

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 4 750pxKyle and Chima reminisce about his Kansas City session

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 5 750pxPhillip Santosuosso of Humidity Skateshop gave the new shoe a solid test with a stylish back Smith on the Kansas City ledge replica

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 6 750pxLocal ripper ShredMaster Keith one foots over the bench while Stretch DJ's in the background

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 7 750pxJersey up-and-comer Piero Suarez casually feebling the bank ledge

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 8 750pxPat Heid boosting a no comply to frontside wallride with steez and ease during the shop session

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 9 750pxBlack and grey all day

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 10 750pxShawn Butler is a regular at House of Vans Brooklyn. Locals only frontside 360 over the bench

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 11 750pxZered Bassett stopped by and demonstrated how to switch flip off a bump to bench

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 13 750pxBrian Anderson and Chris Nieratko were chilling

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 14 750pxThere was a party the night before at Max Fish and Kyle Walker got interviewed for The Bunt podcast

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 15 750pxThese guys make it all happen: Juss Apivala, Jamie Hart, Frank Mare and Griffin Collins

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 16 750pxDJ Chavez of Kingswell Skateshop and the infamous Jerry Mraz

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 17 750pxGirl skate crews represent!

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 18 750pxParty antics

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 19 750pxThe Chima Pro 2 could land you in this situation…

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 20 750pxPeep

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 21 750pxWeyes Blood performed at the party

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 22 750pxFaces in the crowd

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 23 750pxWeyes Blood = mellow vibes

ChimaWearTest BKNY Mehring 24 750pxPacked house. Such a fun event and such a sick shoe. Congrats, Chima!
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