9th Annual One Movement Invitational Skateboard Contest

9th Annual One Movement Invitational Skateboard Contest August 17th - 19th in Barbados with special guest Chris Haslam.



  • Bell Town Block Party

    Bell Town Block Party
    Come out for a day of music, BBQing and skating.
  • Slashers Tour

    Slashers Tour
    Slashers are hitting the West Coast. Check the dates here.
  • "Boondoggle" 10 Year Anniversary

    "Boondoggle" 10 Year Anniversary
    On August 11, Familia skateshop in Minneapolis hosting a celebration for the 10 Year Anniversary of the Boondoggle video by Philip Schwartz, Pete Spooner, and Tim Fulton with a photo show and board release party with REAL skateboards.
  • Dime Glory Challenge 2018

    Dime Glory Challenge 2018
    You have two options: Win or Win. Anything less is unacceptable...
  • Skate Art Music Anti-Gala

    Skate Art Music Anti-Gala
    The Midwest’s premier skate competition goes down Aug. 25 at The Bay, in Lincoln, Nebraska, including $4,500 in prize money, featuring 36 of the region’s top-tier skaters and guest judges Robbie Brockel and Justin Brock from Real Skateboards. Plus, a Game of S.K.A.T.E., Highest Ollie & Hippy Jump contests. (All skill levels are welcome!).