Asheville DIY Fundraiser Photos ’22

This past weekend, I headed to Asheville, NC, for an art show and skate jam to raise funds for The Foundation DIY spot. Friday night kicked off with a print exhibit at Push skateshop followed by a day of shredding at the DIY on Saturday and stellar sounds at the Grey Eagle to close it all out. Come with me on this journey. —Michael Sieben

Photos by Matthew Pendry

push foundation diy1Push skateshop, 17 years deep, food court not included     photo: Sieben

push foundation diy2The first thing I saw when I stepped inside was this old Volcom mobile with art by me and Appleyard. I carbon dated this artifact—it’s approximately 1,500 years old     photo: Sieben

push foundation diy3 2000Rolled to the back to check my prints that were already up on the walls (THANK GOD). Thanks, Rob and crew!     photo: Sieben

push foundation diy4 2000You know the vibe—skulls, old ramps, more skulls     photo: Sieben

push foundation diy5 2000Fun fact: the nosepick drawing is based on a photo of my buddy Shaun Mefford aka Shiny Muffins       photo: Sieben

push foundation diy6Fast forward a few hours and it was time for the opening. I totally forgot to take any photos of people during the event. Luckily, Bobby Boyd and his friend Amos were still there by the time I realized I should probably be documenting this thing      photo: Sieben

push foundation diy7I ducked into the gallery but almost everyone was gone. I might have slightly doctored this image to make it look like more people were still there      photo: Sieben

push foundation diy8Also forgot to take a photo of the complimentary beverages looking all cold and tasty in the ice chest, but here’s a photo of the recycling bin. Thanks, New Belgium!       photo: Sieben

push foundation diy9The next day kicked off at The Foundation DIY

push foundation diy10The locals were there early warming it up

push foundation diy11Ben Bradford grabs some cope. How wide are those trucks?

push foundation diy12Dubbie Trubble

push foundation diy13Evan “Van Hang Up III” Lively, Smith grind

push foundation diy14Floaty FSO by Matthew Martin

push foundation diy15Heavy crew on deck

push foundation diy16Hell, Provost and Bækkel were even there

push foundation diy17Spider was on the injured list so he held court with the all the good homies

push foundation diy18Bækkel was not hurt so he gave the crowd some much appreciated airtime

push foundation diy19PLAY SOME SLAYER!!!

push foundation diy20Always remember to tip your bartenders

push foundation diy21And don’t forget to stop by the merch booth and support the cause

push foundation diy22The ATL crew rolled through. Wait, is that…

push foundation diy23…Hurricane Kamal!

push foundation diy24The kids know what’s up

push foundation diy25Trailer Park Boys in the house—or on the slab. Did I mention it was Halloween weekend?

push foundation diy26Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

push foundation diy27Joan Jett and company

push foundation diy28Coach McDermott and Stefon Diggs, ya dig?

push foundation diy29Intergalactic, planetary, planetary, intergalactic

push foundation diy30Trey Wheeler from New Belgium and Push owner Rob Sebrell guarding the paper towels

push foundation diy31Got kids? Bring ‘em along!

push foundation diy32Brooklyn and Bo the Bulldog—both shredders

push foundation diy33See, told ya’

push foundation diy34Jake Hallock summoned a pivot to fakie on the new QP

push foundation diy35A blunt to fakie IN the light? Now that’s some magical shit

push foundation diy36Back on the street scene, Joey Ragali warms up this year’s most popular obstacle

push foundation diy37David Langston, kickflip back tail. Knowing Dave, I’m sure he did a bigspin out at the very least

push foundation diy38Max Taylor, feebs on the bank to wall. Probably not the best angle for this harsh barge

push foundation diy39Reese Barton out for blood with a high-speed backside nosegrind. Roger that

push foundation diy40Dylan Ward went down hard in the midst of the madness and had to get taken to the ER. I’m sure there’s some kind of “What’s up, Doc?” joke to be made here, but it’s escaping me

push foundation diy41Down but not out!

push foundation diy42Then it was time for the main event—a best-trick contest on the tombstone extension

push foundation diy43RIP it and rip it

push foundation diy44Emerick Van Osdal takes the plunge

push foundation diy45The crowd loved it. Thought they wouldn’t?!

46 Reese Barton Asheville DIYNo stranger to twisting one up, Reese Barton took the nollie back D off the E for a spin cycle

push foundation diy47And Matthew Martin took first place with a FSG on the tippy top of the tombstone

push foundation diy48Hey, Rodent, pay the man!

push foundation diy49Thanks again to New Belgium for sponsoring the weekends’s festivities. Now it’s time to go check out some tunes at the Grey Eagle

push foundation diy50Not gonna lie—really curious about that gig on the 30th

push foundation diy51Upchuck from ATL kicked out the jams. Do people still say that?

push foundation diy52KT got the pit in a frenzy. Is it still called a pit?

push foundation diy54Upchuck’s drummer even got on the mic. It’s a family affair

push foundation diy54This band’s name is End It and I took that as a sign from the universe that it was time to go to bed

push foundation diy55The kids were just getting started, though

push foundation diy56Ah, to be a young Jedi again…

push foundation diy57And remember Dylan who got broke off at the DIY?! He showed up to the music venue all bandaged up and ready to rock. Everything’s gonna work out just fine in the end. Huge thanks to Push skateshop, all the homies at The Foundation, the staff at the Grey Eagle, New Belgium, all the other sponsors, the kids and moms and dads and all the lovers and the fighters. Support grassroots efforts or don’t cry when there’s nothing left but corporate bullshit in the world
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