RIP IN PEACE: Robbie McKinley

Robbie McKinley Air France MORFORF 2000Photo: Morf

I met Bob McCrooks while working at Hot Rod skate shop in Los Angeles in 1996 and knew him as one of the nicest and most giving land pirates I've ever had the pleasure of raging and yelling "Aaaaarrrrggghhh!” with. Robbie skated with effortless speed, finesse and only two truck bolts in each truck —i.e. two-bolt chillin’. From the Venice graffiti pits to the Los Angeles Courthouse, he blessed us with flawless lines. Bob fished, surfed, barbecued and cooked turduckens. He was a guest as well as a video editor on the Captain and Casey show. As one of the two founders of the California Leisure Activity Club (C.L.A.C.) Robbie lived that life, treating everyone as club members with a welcoming smile. He had a rare spark of humanity and grace. This Girl alumni has left the building, but not our hearts and minds. Rest easy, my friend. —Chris Casey

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robbie mckinley nollie heel MORF 1500Nollie heel    Photo: Morf

Revisit his part in Girl's landmark video Yeah Right!

Robbie McKinley OGDEN 1500Photo: Ogden
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