Roger "Sucker Punch" Premiere Photos

roger sucker punch 1
A few days ago (or was it weeks ago?!), Roger premiered their latest video offering—Sucker Punch. The aforementioned activity took place at Feel So Good Records in South Austin. Take a virtual tour of the friends and family who rolled through and find out who turned pro. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t me! —Michael Sieben

Photos by Dylan Makar

roger sucker punch 2Early arrivers were treated to the techno sensitivities of DJ Bubby Mane

roger sucker punch 3Bubby (Bobby) and (Yüng) Max securing the stage

roger sucker punch 4Grab a cold beer—courtesy of Thirsty Planet Brewing Co.—from Rob the Casher (Cashier) if you’re parched

roger sucker punch 5Or if you’re in the over-40 club, maybe just drink some damn water. Elias Bingham and the author get Weird

roger sucker punch 6Okay, back to the under-40 club. Daniel (SAGE) and Max in their finest workwear

roger sucker punch 7Jared (Idlewild) and Max do a hand thing

roger sucker punch 8Hawkeye Glenn (Cosmo’s dad), Max (again) and Cosmo

roger sucker punch 9Ryan Thompson and Kat. Ryan has three video parts that are gonna hit this site as soon as the music rights clear. Music is hard, man

roger sucker punch 10Guru Khalsa, Max Taylor and Calvin Millar (the homie responsible for putting this video together). That’s Reese Barton in the shadows. He’s low-key like that

roger sucker punch 11Calvin and Anna with proper product placement

roger sucker punch 12Tom, Drew, Matt, Jes and Austin

roger sucker punch 13Mike, Henry, Vinney, Aaron and Daniel with some unsanctioned bevs…

roger sucker punch 14…and what appears to be a very poorly-constructed cigarette

roger sucker punch 15Simone, Ryan, James and Steve, feeling so good

roger sucker punch 16What? You thought the Triple OGs weren’t gonna make it out? You crazy

roger sucker punch 17The kids were there, too—Mau, Trey and Alex

roger sucker punch 18DGK—Dental Gold Kid

roger sucker punch 19Lindsey Mackin of Annabelle Chairlegs and Justin in the green room

roger sucker punch 20Dharam, D-Roy, Mike and Sean, ready for the damn video to start

roger sucker punch 21Babies were welcomed

roger sucker punch 22As were watermelons. Noah brought one in remembrance of Gallagher

roger sucker punch 23Got a mom? Bring her along. Garrett Young did

roger sucker punch 24After everybody was sufficiently leveled up with free beverages, the feature film began…

roger sucker punch 25…and ended with a big announcement—Austin Amelio and Garrett Young are the newest pros for Roger!

roger sucker punch 26The boards came out

roger sucker punch 27The vibes were crazy high

roger sucker punch 28All the homies rushed in

roger sucker punch 29It was hard not to get swept up in the emotion of it all

roger sucker punch 30I might have shed a few tears. Quietly. In the corner

roger sucker punch 31The news was on the ‘Gram seconds later. What an age…

roger sucker punch 32What did you get? I got a lizard

roger sucker punch 33Real hyped for these humans

roger sucker punch 34And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the night, Annabelle Chairlegs played a set as soon as the champagne stopped flying

roger sucker punch 35Always a treat

roger sucker punch 36It basically turned into a giant party after that, which meant it was time for my old ass to go home and get some sleep

roger sucker punch 37’Til next time. Thanks to Feel So Good for hosting the event, Thirsty Planet Brewing Co. for supplying adult refreshments, Drink Weird for keeping the hydration levels up, No-Comply skateshop for… well, for damn near everything, and thanks to all of the delightful people who came out to support Austin, Garrett and the rest of the Rogers on such a monumental night. The video should be online soon. Gotta wait for this SOTY madness to mellow out a bit. Jeez Louise…
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