The First Abloh Invitational Photos

When Chloe and Mahfuz from Architecture asked me to help put on the First Annual Abloh Skateboard Invitational, I was so down. Virgil loved skating and he always let the world know this, whether it was in his footwear/apparel designs or getting Lucien Clarke a shoe on Louis Vuitton. I also recall him having Ishod Wair, Stevie Williams, Evan Mock and Kareem Campbell walking a runway and helping with the build of Ghana’s first skatepark. The list goes on and on. So we got the Virgil dream team to put on a demo at Lot 11 in Miami with pros like Eric Koston, P-Rod, Alphonzo Rawls, Sal Barbier, Ishod Wair and so many more A-listers. Leading up it, his friends all agreed that Virgil would be freaking out about this, and I know somewhere he is. Inviting the people of Miami to hang and watch some of the best skateboarding on Earth only made it that much better. Scroll through to see the magic from this year’s event. —Atiba Jefferson

23.PeopleEnteringAtibaJust a small sample of the line walking in

24.ShannonBitaGreyIbnAtibaLove seeing Virgil’s son Grey on a skateboard

1.KostonontheMicOconnorFirst up, we got Eric Koston rocking the mic       photo: O’Connor

2.ProdNosegrindOConnor 008Then it's straight to the course. P-Rod warms it up with a nosegrind      photo O’Connor

3.PanoramaAtibaGreat turnout for Virgil

4.MarcusMontoyaBacksmithAtibaMarcos Montoya gets a back Smith on the Abloh ledge

5.PedroDashawnMahfuzibnShannonBitaBenjiAtibaBringing worlds together, we got Pedro, Dashawn, Mahfuz, Benji, Bita and his amazing wife Shannon

6.AblohFamilyAtibaLowe, Grey and Shannon enjoying the demo

7.BrianaKingRollingAtibaCommunity organizer and ripper in her own right, Briana King gets her roll on

9.DashawnFrontsideFeebleAtibaDashawn hits it with a long front feeble

10.KostonPaysUpKoston made sure everyone got paid for their tricks

11.ChloeMahfuzBenjiAtibaThe masterminds behind today's occasion—Chloe, Mahfuz and Benji

12.LocalripperAtibaLocal homie with a $20 varial heelflip

13.NikolaiPiomboPopShovitAtibaNikolai pop shoves through the crowd

14.SalBarbierBacksideAirAtibaOver in the bowl, it was great to see the legend Sal Barbier scooping some backside airs

15.AlphonsoRawlsBacksmithAtibaThe always-stylish and not-so-superstitious Alf with a red-topped back Smith

16.DjDZAAtibaKeeping the session stoked, we had Miami’s finest DJ DZA on the ones and twos

17.EricKostonSmithGrindAtibaGettin' in on the action, Koston Smiths the deep end in his Sandy Bodecker eBay Dunks. Bid on this!

18.ProdandKidsAtibaP-Rod is for the kids

19.NicoleHauseFakieSmithAtibaNichole Hause catches a fakie stalefish

20.KidsAtibaSome great kids got free shirts

21.BlakeCarpenterNollie180AtibaFlorida legend Blake Carpenter with a big nollie 180 into the replica triangle 

22.MahfuzKostonAtibaGood vibes all day with Mahfuz and Koston

25.ProdBlakeAtibaLet's take a skate break to catch up with some familiar faces. Looks like we got switch gods Blake and P-Rod 

26.AlfKostonSalAtibaH-Street reunion—Alf, Koston and Sal

27.SalJimThiebaudAtibaHonored to have Jim Thiebaud in the building

28.JimandTheotisAtibaA lot of positive energy with these two—Jim and Theotis

29.SalNakProdTheotisKBAtibaThe homies in the green room, Sal, NAK, P-Rod, Theotis and KB

30.GlenluiKostonJollyDashawnhangingAtibaThe green room party continues—Glen, Lui, Koston, Jolly and Dashawn

31.AblohShirtsAtibaSo many dope shirts for the invitational

32.KBThomasIshodAtibaKB, Thomas and Ishod catch a hang before the stair session

42.DashawnAtibaPut on your jumping boots...

34.NakonTheMicAtiba"Let's get it, let's get it, let's go!"

36.5050AtibaChris Blake with a big 50-50 over the whole thing

37.IshodNollieKGrindAtibaIshod coasts through a smooth nollie crooks

38.JamieFoyFrontsideKgrindAtibaFlorida man Jamie Foy always finds his front crooks

39.RobertNealSwitchHeelAtibaSwitch heel was just one of the many tricks Robert Neal did down the set

40.JamieMaltoIshFoyLuiSo many homies itchin' to skate

41.IshFakieflipAtibaIsh with the smooth fakie flip

43.MaltoSwitchFlipAtibaMalto switch flipping for the people’s phones

33.DashawnKostonCelebrateAtiba"You wanna skate this thing, Eric?"

35.DashawnKickflipAtibaDashawn with the kickflip demo ender, fatty to flatty

44.TheoandSalMcsAtibaTheotis and Sal, all they need next time is two mics

8.1stAblohSkate2022AtibaLet's close it out with the group photo. Grey and Lowe, ya’ll got a lot of pro skater friends now!

Thanks to all the skaters, Chloe, Mahfuz, Architecture, Jolly, Kasper, everyone at Nike, Lot 11, the Andrew crew, Shanon, Grey, Lowe and the whole Abloh family. I can’t wait to do it again next year.
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