Skate or Pie: Pizza Art

Sean was apprenticing at a tattoo shop while simultaneously working at Arinell Pizza in SF when at some point he merged his two jobs, combining skate-related flash with the tools of his Italian trade: dough, sauce and cheese. The result was both beautiful and delicious. “The first time working with this strange medium I could see some parallels to sculpture and painting. When the results came out of the oven, I was, like, ‘Damn! It worked,’” says Sean. And just like when you buy a deck with killer graphics, you gotta decide whether to skate it or hang it—so too must the possessors of these pies face a hard decision: eat it or keep it. There’s no wrong answer here; everybody wins.

"It’s a tedious process where the more complex the image is, the more of a margin for failure there is. It's not just drawing, it’s cooking also. So, timing and chemistry are crucial in the process as well as making a good painting." —Sean Somers

For more images check out Sean on Instagram: @b8kdsf

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